here you will find a list of links to codes, sites with website materials, doll sites, fonts, and more. simply click the categories below and it will jump to the section!



web materials

helpful sites



basiic by

yoster by codeman38

FreePixel by Riciery Leal

lillian by jsr_Games

Mini Font by Asterism

virale by Piratype

tairo by memesbruh03


Vapor Resources (vaporwave materials and graphics)

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection (my favourite site to find pixels on)

Romi's Graphic Collection (a ton of cute pixels for your site)

Pixel Soup (large collection of pixels)

my themes

REPTH's themes

Novemberry (pixels)

Whimsical (pixels)

Appledust (pixels)

Paused Life (pixels (pixel collection)

stamps 1

stamps 2

Dokodemo's Graphic Collection

glitter text maker (horror)

large collection of gifs

large collection of seamless patterns for tiled backgrounds

web materials



Out of Place Artifacts

Lame Tea

ankokukoubou | tw: gore

R.V. Klein


sozai.pooftie (by

Miracle Town

Ghost Tail

helpful sites

cute copy and paste symbols

ichigo directory

kaomoji pixel gifs

simple 88x31 button maker

listography (make lists online)

mental health carrd

what is age regression? (not age play! age play is pedophilic)


text animations:


image/scrollbox borders

plain lace

brown lace

pastel pink lace

tiny pink lace

image animations: dia's code carrd

custom cursors

uka's and mika's resources (tons of codes)

Code Secrets

mood: The current mood of miserabledolly at

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