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HIIIIIIIIII this is where i catalogue my dreams and high trips etc etc there will be a lot of weird shit bc i don't have normal dreams yada yada. feel free to mute this page i know hypno k.k is unsettling (that's the song btw) LOL! this page doesn't follow my site aesthetic btw so ur gonna see sum goofy shit


march 14/22

had a weird dream where emmet from the lego movie was a combo of venom and silver surfer... wildstyle tried to cure him but emmet forgot all of his memories as venom/silversurfer bc he's a completely different different person when he converts. his character design was cool but idk why i dreamed about lego minifigures. i also had a dream that me, my brother, and 2 of his friends unlocked the ability to fly and i think this was a continuation of a previous dream but anyway we stuck into the stage where the grammy's were being hosted and a lot of ppl saw us flying around but they didn't believe it, also, my parents knew about our super powers and didn't care tbh it was normal to them i guess it was a puberty thing.