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hi! welcome to my about me

i made this lil site as a fun side project for when i need to distract myself or i'm bored of school! i was inspired a lot by y2k websites like MySpace and Geocities. i made all of the pixel graphics used to decorate this site! it was a hard process because i had to figure out the sizes but it was fun, and i'm really proud of my originality. i've always been interested in designing websites and graphics and have used sites like carrd, tumblr, deviantart, etc. this site went through a lot of name changes; from nunnery's dreamland -> nunnery world -> miserabledolly! my biggest inspiration has to be cinni's website, their website is what made me want to make my own graphics! please check them out, i owe a lot of my inspirations to them :)

facts n stuff!

i'm cuban but i live in canada

i have a doggy, her name is ember

i have been with my boyfriend for a year now and i love him very much!

favourite food: ramen

favourite colours: purple, pink, red

favourite animals: dogs, sharks, alligators, caracals

favourite games: gta, roblox, stardew valley, hollow knight, animal crossing, minecraft, club penguin :(

birthday: 01/27/2005!

sign: aquarius

hobbies and interests: coding, painting/drawing, animating, movies, history, MARVEL, greek mythology

stamps, blinkies, and more

mood: The current mood of miserabledolly at www.imood.com

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